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[Powderworks] Re: BOBW DVD/CD

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Thu May 27 15:24:56 MDT 2004

Well mates,

I for one think it is FANTASTIC.  Mucho kudos to all involved in the 
project, very well done.  I think packaging together the contrasting 
ambiences of the more-relaxed Goat Island and raw tense energy of 
Capitol Theatre concerts was brilliant, they play off each other very 
well.  The Goat Island CD never leaves my CD player - car or home, it's 
a playlist unto itself in my iPod, and the DVD's getting a good 
workout...sometimes in the PAL-compatible DVD player I bought especially 
for this (the damn player sucks though, it often "pauses" itself 
spontaneously right in the middle of a song)...and more often in my 
laptop.  Since the CD drive in my laptop recently bit the big one, I had 
to make a disc image of the DVD and ethernet the whole thing into the 
HD, which takes almost all the remaining space up, but well worth it.  

My only wish (ok, two) was that first,  I wish they had played Maralinga 
instead of Harrisburg at Goat Island....that would have been absolutely 
*exquisite*  - and that #2, would have been great to have a 
double-CD/DVD set with Capitol Theatre on the other CD.  But I'm not 
complaining!  Will definitely pick up the NTSC version as well when it's 

Probably way too soon to ask, but might there be more DVD's in the 
works...at least at the hypothesis stage?  Would be cool to have a 
fold-out poster in the next one too.  Wouldn't mind having Montreal 
Spectrum 1985 on CD/DVD...or at least the mp3 of "Sleep"....anybody got it?

Again, fab job.  You certainly have my appreciation -


CHRIS WINTER +61 2 8333 3131 wrote:

>Further to Rhonda's comments, I would be very interested to hear some feedback
>about the "Best of Both Worlds" DVD.. I was involved along with Justin and
>others in the project to exhume these concerts and bring them to light, and
>would love to collect some thoughts about the release to kind of round it off.
>It's sold extremely well in Australia, and should soon be available in Europe
>and North America (latter in NTSC!) -- as soon as I have more details I'll post.
>By the way, we're FINALLY refreshing the clips on http://abc.net.au/oils, with
>three songs from the Capitol Theatre concert of 82  - they should be up early
>Chris Winter
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