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[Powderworks] NMOC: Powderworks hasta la vista?

CHRIS WINTER +61 2 8333 3131 winter.chris at abc.net.au
Thu May 27 13:31:15 MDT 2004

Further to Rhonda's comments, I would be very interested to hear some feedback
about the "Best of Both Worlds" DVD.. I was involved along with Justin and
others in the project to exhume these concerts and bring them to light, and
would love to collect some thoughts about the release to kind of round it off.
It's sold extremely well in Australia, and should soon be available in Europe
and North America (latter in NTSC!) -- as soon as I have more details I'll post.
By the way, we're FINALLY refreshing the clips on http://abc.net.au/oils, with
three songs from the Capitol Theatre concert of 82  - they should be up early

Chris Winter

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