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[Powderworks] Oils new DVD

Erik Fernandez fernandezerik at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 4 00:48:20 MST 2004

I was there, and they didn't tape. Best luck would be if there was someone
in the crowd bootlegging a video of the show. There were other shows on the
Capricornia tour that were taped though.

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> Hi all,
> Do we know for sure that they *didn't* tape the last show?  (if that's
already been confirmed, sorry, musta missed it).
> Though I'm looking forward to this one simply because I don't have it yet,
not being a resident of the lucky country and a very recent trader, but
> I'll add my vote to those who would have preferred fresh
blood...especially that last show, or anything from the Capricornia tours.
> Surely there's enough behind-the-scenes material from Bonescam and other
sources, formal or informal, to intersperse with post-RSL vids for another
> DVD.
> The band I used to work for is about to release their first DVD - this
"official" one for the record company - but they have mountains of material
> from the bandmembers' camcorders and plan to release at least one more on
their own shortly thereafter.  So I'll hold out hope that the Oils will
> consider doing the same.
> Anybody with an "in" know if the guys have a lot of potential footage of
their own laying around that might someday see the light of day?  Justin?
> Damien?....anyone?
> Oilin',
> Rhonda
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> > I've said it before and I'll say it again:
> >
> > Why in hell didn't they film the final show???????????????????? - Beth
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