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[Powderworks] Looking for VHS as well (RE: The New DVD)

mbtigger at charter.net mbtigger at charter.net
Wed Mar 3 22:46:43 MST 2004

Hello fellow workers.

All the folks talking about the new DVD and looking for good VHS has me thinking again. (I know ? it?s a bad habit)

A year ago I was thinking of trying to transfer the Goat Island video to DVD. Right when the idea entered my head, and I started looking for good videotapes - the first rumors of a commercial DVD release came to light.  I stopped my project. Time passed, and I did not do much video editing for several months.

Lately I have been working on some more video transfers and DVD authoring. (I am working on old home movies ? and transferring some early German U2 TV appearances from PAL to NTSC), so the video bug is biting me again.

I would LOVE to get good VHS of Oils TV broadcasts; MTV Unplugged, Intimate and Interactive  ? Even PAL tapes like Cold Live at the Chapel (I think I have a source for a PAL VCR) I would like to transfer those performances to DVD. Of Course, if any of these performances were scheduled for commercial release I would stop my DVD transfer 

Anyone who can get me a good Oils TV Broadcast Videotape(not commercailly available) would get a DVD transfer copy of their very own to backup their original source. I would also be open to making a copy of other non commercial DVD?s I have in trade for the Oils tape (mostly U2 TV broadcasts, but a couple unreleased Springsteen  DVD?s). 

As I watch the U2 DVD?s I have collected lately. I am CRAVING to have the Midnight Oil MTV performance in better than VCD Quality

As I said before, the transfers will become a moot point if any of these shows appear to be up for commercial release.

What do I have to do? BEG? (On his knees, panting)

Thanks for you help 


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