Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils new DVD

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Wed Mar 3 19:56:48 MST 2004

Hi all,

Do we know for sure that they *didn't* tape the last show?  (if that's already been confirmed, sorry, musta missed it).
Though I'm looking forward to this one simply because I don't have it yet, not being a resident of the lucky country and a very recent trader, but
I'll add my vote to those who would have preferred fresh blood...especially that last show, or anything from the Capricornia tours.

Surely there's enough behind-the-scenes material from Bonescam and other sources, formal or informal, to intersperse with post-RSL vids for another

The band I used to work for is about to release their first DVD - this "official" one for the record company - but they have mountains of material
from the bandmembers' camcorders and plan to release at least one more on their own shortly thereafter.  So I'll hold out hope that the Oils will
consider doing the same.

Anybody with an "in" know if the guys have a lot of potential footage of their own laying around that might someday see the light of day?  Justin?


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> RE: [Powderworks] The new DVD
> Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 19:21:49 -0500
> From:  "Beth Curran"
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> I've said it before and I'll say it again:
> Why in hell didn't they film the final show???????????????????? - Beth