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Wed Mar 3 23:22:29 MST 2004

Yes! I am excited! You talk a good sales Justin. I am eagerly looking to buy it - BUT! - A few questions for the salesman first. I know - Like MOST salesmen, you might not be able to answer the questions of the consumer, but I have to ask!

A) Do you have any idea if "Worldwide Release" meants NTSC? To us folks HITS the USA IS the world - at least in terms of ready spendable cash! (/duck)

B) From what I read an audio CD is part of the release - at least the oils/abc site implies it (an AWESOME idea, and I bow down before the individual who made it a part of the package). Would such an audio cd be part of the "worldwide Release"?

I CAN play PAL discs on my cheap APEX DVD player ($48 USD - bought for the sole purpose of playing DVD's from other places - It was $48 well spent and I highly reccomend it) But I would prefer an NTSC version. On the OTHER hand - If you lucky aussies get an additional CD that I miss, then I will...I will... I don't know WHAT I will do; But you will regret it! - Probably...Possibly ...I mean, you don't want to see my cry do you?

Thanks for any heads up - even if I do need to buy the Aus release, I am GLAD to see ABC and the oils releasing the back catalogue!


Quote from Justin:


So you have a VHS of Goat, probably a good copy if VHS and good can be used
in the same sentence. If you have the 80 min version, which is on the DVD
then you do indeed have it, but both the stereo and the 5.1 mixes way
serpass whatever you have and the image quality has been bought up a notch
or 10, not to mention the extras! And not excited about seeing Capitol??? Oh
my. Not only was it shot on film, not only is it remixed, not only is it
widescreen, but, it is one of the most powerful concerts ive ever seen!
That, my friend, is why its on the DVD. How could that not excite you? For
all those out there who arent so picky, Im looking forward to your comments
when you recieve it. Also, there is a good chance theres going to be an NTSC
version. (but im sure ive mentioned that before).

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