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[Powderworks] MO Concerts

Cheryl H ooiiilllss at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 15:50:58 MDT 2004

hey Jackson -

not sure about Oz, but here in the States, we had an incident.  one shithead 
at the Long Island show in 2002 went nuts with his flash, and the bouncers 
were actively seeking to throw him out.  I asked Martin about it after the 
show, and he said that they didn't mind pictures, but it was the flash they 
didn't like.  I went to a Neil Finn show a few months later, and he had the 
same policy.  the lights were bright enough that you didn't need a flash.


>From: "Jackson Hill" <jackson_h at optushome.com.au>
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>Subject: [Powderworks] MO Concerts
>Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 23:31:03 +1000
>I have one query about the band's live performances. I, unfourtunatley 
>never had the oppurtunity to see the Oils play live, which i regret and am 
>somewhat saddened at. Anyway, I have heard that the band had a 'no photo's' 
>rule at gigs. I was wondering why the band had this rule in place. Can any 
>Powderworkers who may've been to gigs, (or any powderworkers for that 
>matter) help here?
>Jackson Hill
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