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[Powderworks] MO Concerts

mbtigger mbtigger at charter.net
Thu Jul 15 10:22:18 MDT 2004

This was my experience at UI in 1990. During a song Pete lept off the
stage and confronted a photograper. He made a sort of apology as he
returned to the stage, but complained about trying to sing while being

I Was left with the idea that bright flashes can be a bit upsetting for


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hey Jackson -

not sure about Oz, but here in the States, we had an incident.  one
at the Long Island show in 2002 went nuts with his flash, and the
were actively seeking to throw him out.  I asked Martin about it after
show, and he said that they didn't mind pictures, but it was the flash
didn't like.  I went to a Neil Finn show a few months later, and he had
same policy.  the lights were bright enough that you didn't need a