Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Unreleased Oils songs... DEFINATIVE list?

Michael Blackwood blackwood_michael at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 11:48:55 MST 2004

Thanks for all the info!  I have a question about the 4 tracks you mention 
from the RSitS demos...

>Red Sails demos - songs not inlcuded on the album - I Want To Live Here, 
>Parking Station Blues, Ghost and Nothing Is Easy.

The tracklisting I have for that demo tape is:

Minutes To Midnight
Shipyards of NZ
Who Can Stand In The Way
I Want To Live Here
Parking Station Blues
Best of Both Worlds
Minutes To Midnight
Bells and Horns In the Back of Beyond
Unknown Title (but I think it corresponds to Nothing Is Easy)

Several of those listed bear little or no resemblance to the final songs 
bearing that name, so what I'm asking is if that tracklisting matches yours, 
and I'm missing a track called Ghost, or if Ghost is an alternate name for 
something I've listed above...  Any info is greatly appreciated!


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