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[Powderworks] Unreleased Oils songs... DEFINATIVE list?

Cheryl H ooiiilllss at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 29 10:44:37 MST 2004

hey all -

Turn My Head Around can be found on the 2JJ bootleg from April 4, 1978, 
along with Ensemble.

Eye Contact was also played at the Stagedoor Tavern, Sydney February 18, 

Wedding Cake Island with vocals can only be found in Rob Hirst's collection, 
the lyric being "Catch the swell round the Byron Pass".

Stand Your Ground - found on 2 bootlegs - Castle Hill Tavern March 4, 2001 
and Metropolis Concert Club Perth March 8, 2001.

Birdman - instrumental played with Advance Australia Fair at The Palace 
Melbourne August 14, 1998 and on Live On Recovery August 15, 1998.

Red Sails demos - songs not inlcuded on the album - I Want To Live Here, 
Parking Station Blues, Ghost and Nothing Is Easy.

PWAP demos - Khartoum and 2 tracks that I don't know the titles to.

Species demos - Sad Dog Eyes - Love Ones cover.

and I would LOVE to hear their cover of Crossroads.


>From: "Michael Blackwood" <blackwood_michael at hotmail.com>
>To: powderworks at cs-lists.cs.colorado.edu
>Subject: [Powderworks] Unreleased Oils songs... DEFINATIVE list?
>Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 13:18:09 -0330
>Below are my notes regarding all the unreleased Oils tracks I've ever heard 
>or merely heard of.  Any additions or corrections would be appreciated....
>>To my knowledge, these song titles have been associated with the Oils at
>>some point or another, and are supposedly Midnight Oil Originals:
>>1) Set Me Down Easy and/or Nothing is Easy - possibly the same song;
>>    supposedly predated RSITS (on a 1978 bootleg as Turn My Head Around?)
>>    and was jettisoned thereafter, unrecorded.
>>2) Eye Contact - a Head-Injuries-era track that was never released, but
>>    was played live in 1980 and at the Narrabeen Sands gig in 1996.  That
>>    performance (no vocals) was released on The Real Thing single.  The
>>    early version with wordless vocals is available on bootlegs from 1980.
>>3) Wedding Cake Island, WITH VOCALS - exists only in Hirst's collection
>>4) I Want To Live Here - available on VERY RARE bootleg of stolen RSITS
>>    demo tape.  Thematically similar to Harrisburg, scrapped without
>>    release though the opening riff was recycled into Bullroarer.
>>5) Stand Your Ground - 2001 song found on some live bootlegs.  Never
>>    recorded or released.
>>6) Parking Station Blues - from RSITS demo tape, like IWTLH.  Scrapped.
>>7) Birdman (aka Birdie?) - unreleased instrumental? Played live in 19??
>>8) 40,000 Years Come Home - submitted along with TDH and BAB for the film
>>    "Uluru: An Anangu Story".  (TDH was used, it and BAB wound up on DAD)
>>9) Ensemble - unreleased track from a 1978 bootleg, part of the music was
>>    re-used for Back On The Borderline.
>>10/11/12) an unreleased song from the RSitS demos, and two unreleased
>>           songs from the PWaP demos, that I don't have titles for.
>>           Scrapped, but available on the bootlegged demo tapes (this also
>>           applies to 13, 14, & 15, listed below)
>>13) Khartoum - an unreleased demo from PWaP.  Scrapped.
>>14) Sad Dog Eyes - an unreleased demo from 1985.  Scrapped.
>>15) Bakerman, WITH VOCALS - RSitS demo, scrapped.
>>Then, there's the song titles associated with the Oils that are NOT
>>unreleased originals, many of which I've listed below to get them out
>>of the way for this discussion:
>>1) Warm Babies, Haulaway, Free My Soul - renamed and released on the
>>    Redneck Wonderland album, as Safety Chain Blues, CPOTC, and Concrete
>>2) Kids = informal name for No Time For Games, from Bird Noises
>>3) Postcard = informal name for Brave Faces, from Place Without a Postcard
>>4) various live covers, including What's so Funny (about peace, love and
>>    understanding)?, Know Your Product, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place,
>>    Instant Karma, And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, & Sweet Georgia
>>    Brown (a jazz instrumental), Telstar, Advance Australia Fair, Echo
>>    Beach, Comfortably Numb, Riders on the Storm, The Good Son, Highway
>>    to Hell (opening part, anyway) Locomotive Breath, Wharf Rat, Atomic
>>    Electric, Crossroads, the occasional Beatles snippet, etc
>>5) Emu - a didgeriidoo instrumental played by a guest-starring didg player
>>    (Charlie McMahon) on a tour date in 1984... not written by the Oils
>>6) Dingle Without a Postcard - mis-naming of Brave Faces from the old
>>    double-lp bootleg "Wilderness"
>>7) Runaway Bay - played on the Blackfella/Whitefella tour, resurfaced on
>>    the Grostwriters debut album
>>8) O'Cannon - renamed World That I See, released on Capricornia
>>9) Lose That Girl - renamed Kiss That Girl, released on Euro version of
>>    Capricornia
>>10) Mozzie March, Mosquito - renamed Mosquito March, released on
>>     Capricornia
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