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[Powderworks] Oils Live Project Offer

Carlos Coelho carlos.a.coelho at uol.com.br
Thu Jan 29 16:57:50 MST 2004

Hi everyone!
I just needed to write and express the amount of fun I'm having with the
Live discs I recently received.
Awesone stuff, tremendous work, superb result! Just can't stop
discovering news sounds in them!
That been said, I decided to help anyone that is interested in getting
these discs to achieve that.
I know some people are already hooked up and these folks are been taken
care of.
But I wanted to help those that have just heard of it too late and are
not in touch with anyone, or still seeking a branch or someone that
could be of help.
I decided I will make copies for all the ones that reply to me
privately. I will just ask the normal stuff, money for postage and for
blank cds.
So, if you want the help, write to carlos.a.coelho at uol.com.br and let me
know. I just got a new Cd burner and it's keen to do some work!
Take care,
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