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[Powderworks] I Did It!

mbtigger at charter.net mbtigger at charter.net
Fri Apr 23 00:06:58 MDT 2004

OK - I Finally got my hands on a VHS of the Oils MTV Unplugged show and Transferred it to DVD!

I authored an NTSC DVD-R with menus, and Bonus Clips from "The Late Show" and "Saturday Night Live". There are a couple small errors on my source - Right at the start of the show, and for a second in Truganini - And I mispelled "Truganini" in one of the Menus - But it's not worth reauthoring the DVD for (at least not in my opinion). I think I did a very good job, given the limit of my source tape.

I would like to make this available to Powderworkers in some fashion - But even more, I would LOVE to get other High Quality TV performances that I could transfer. 

SO -to that end , I will send a copy of the Unplugged DVD to anyone

A) Willing to send me another (not officially released) TV performance tape
B) Willing to organize a DVD Tree (If we have enough people with DVD burners)

Only 2 people will qualify for category "B" - One organizer and a back up.

Sound OK?


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