Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Need the dvd/cd?

synne at isic.org synne at isic.org
Thu Apr 22 18:48:27 MDT 2004

This is what happens when everyone around you knows you are a bit 
obsessed with the Oils, and they all want you to be happy... I've 
somehow, by chance and good fortune, ended up with not two, not three 
but four copies of the new DVD/CD. And even if I were to keep two 
(just in case), I really don't need them all. And I can't return them 
(as I didn't buy any of them.. three were presents aka no receipts, 
and the fourth arrived yesterday from ABC.. apparently I'm a winner.. 
surprised? Me? I never win anything.. maybe I should go down and 
enter the mall's 5000 dollar spending spree contest...), so...

Anyone need a DVD? Wanna do a trade? For something Oily? Contact me 
off list.


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