Midnight Oil


Alister Thomas a_thomas@bigpond.net.au
Tue, 16 Sep 2003 19:19:36 +1000

At 03:33 PM 15/09/2003 -0700, Miron Mizrahi said:
>2. do not make copies on the fly (i.e. cd-to-cd copy). please,
>please use EAC (http://www.exactaudiocopy.de). it is easy to use,
>free and is the only software that guarantees perfect copies. if you
>need help - drop me a line.

I've recently started SHN-ing, trading etc. in earnest and have downloaded 
and tried to use EAC and found it full of bugs (NOT to be confused with 
being difficult to use). Instead, I use CDRWin, which I would argue, is 
just as reliable as anything else out there. Certainly the best DAO 
software I've come across...

>3. do not burn at max speed. the slower the better but time is also
>of essence so I would recommend 8x max. the faster you go the more
>likely it is errors will creep in.

General rule of thumb is to burn at around 50% (or lower) of your burner's 
maximum speed.

For example, my burner will burn up to 16x but I generally use 8x speed - 
and that's just for writing. Reading is a different matter, altogether. I 
find you can use maximum speed to read discs w/out any hassles.