Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] the ultimate clip collection DVD

Pär Lydmark par.lydmark@kustobsar.st
Thu, 9 Oct 2003 13:48:30 +0200

Does anyone has more detailed information about this DVD release? I just
popped into it when I was browsing for some records...

"Midnight Oil - The Ultimate Clip Collection"

- Beds Are Burning 
- Best Of Both Worlds 
- Blue Sky Mine 
- Forgotten Years 
- King Of The Mountain 
- Redneck Wonderland 
- The Dead Heart 
- Underwater

It seems to be part of a new midprice series released by Sony. The first
four artists released is Alice Cooper, The Hooters, Toto and Midnight Oil.
>From what I can see it includes the music videos listed above, a discography
and a biography. Total time is 35 minutes, region=0 encoding=PAL. It was
released by Sony in September 2003 (at least here in Sweden, and I've seen
it in a few other European countries while browsing for more info).

Here is a link showing the cover and tracklist:

Does anyone on the list know more about this? Is it just a light-version of
the 20k RSL DVD or does it include any material not present on that disc? At
least the price is attractive...