Midnight Oil

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Pär Lydmark par.lydmark@kustobsar.st
Thu, 9 Oct 2003 10:37:59 +0200

It has already been reprinted. I ordered a copy from Australian Online
Bookshop (www.bookworm.com.au) a month ago, but then it was completely sold
out so I couldn't get it if they didn't mak a reprint. On September 26 I got
a mail from AOB where they told me it had been reprinted and was back in
stock, so now it's on its way...


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>The book is currently under consideration for reprint which suggests that
>achieved its predicted sales. Its now up to the pubishers to go thru all
>figures and decide if its worth reprinting. If it gets past that stage then

>we know its done extremely well.