Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oil

Lee Ferrell Ryokan2@webtv.net
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 23:34:12 -0700 (PDT)

Its been quite a while since L.A. Times reviewer Bob Considine wrote a
piece entitled, "Midnight Oil - The Only Band That Matters."  It remains
true, through the test of time, for only RAGM has come close to the
integrity, musical virtuosity, and intense passion invoked by Oil. 
   I began listening in the 80's and could not believe such total
integrity/talent could come together - but then, Australia - yes it had
to be....  By then, corporate control of studios in the U.S. was nearly
complete and Oil was truly the only band that mattered.  I have a
serious hearing deficiency, besides, and could still hear everything
that was said and played.  The recordings were perfectly mixed and
produced as well as played.  The guitar work and arrangement always
seemed to me more like classical form than "rock," tho' my first
experience with them was on young/innocent/ignorant MTV's "Headbanger's
Ball" with "Lucky Country."
 I was astounded and grateful..., hypnotized.  I still am.
   I doubt we shall see their like for some time.
   I hope word of Peter's departure is untrue, but if it is, how can
anything be said but Namaste', and THANKS!!!!!  I hope all his future
endeavors are fulfilling and as meaningful as his time with Oil.  To all
the other members of Oil, as I enter my aged years, _YOU SHALL NEVER BE
FORGOTTEN_!   Honor to all your spirits, especially Jim....

Namaste' - (Sanskrit for 'honor to the light that is within you.')