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simon tracy plumpandmoist@yahoo.com.au
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 16:52:49 +1000 (EST)

I hate to be picky (actually I love it) but OIL? It's
OILS. Who shouts OYYYAL at the end of a gig?

 --- Lee Ferrell <Ryokan2@webtv.net> wrote: > Its been
quite a while since L.A. Times reviewer Bob
> Considine wrote a
> piece entitled, "Midnight Oil - The Only Band That
> Matters."  It remains
> true, through the test of time, for only RAGM has
> come close to the
> integrity, musical virtuosity, and intense passion
> invoked by Oil. 
>    I began listening in the 80's and could not
> believe such total
> integrity/talent could come together - but then,
> Australia - yes it had
> to be....  By then, corporate control of studios in
> the U.S. was nearly
> complete and Oil was truly the only band that
> mattered.  I have a
> serious hearing deficiency, besides, and could still
> hear everything
> that was said and played.  The recordings were
> perfectly mixed and
> produced as well as played.  The guitar work and
> arrangement always
> seemed to me more like classical form than "rock,"
> tho' my first
> experience with them was on young/innocent/ignorant
> MTV's "Headbanger's
> Ball" with "Lucky Country."
>  I was astounded and grateful..., hypnotized.  I
> still am.
>    I doubt we shall see their like for some time.
>    I hope word of Peter's departure is untrue, but
> if it is, how can
> anything be said but Namaste', and THANKS!!!!!  I
> hope all his future
> endeavors are fulfilling and as meaningful as his
> time with Oil.  To all
> the other members of Oil, as I enter my aged years,
> FORGOTTEN_!   Honor to all your spirits, especially
> Jim....
>             Gratefully,
>                                Lee
> Namaste' - (Sanskrit for 'honor to the light that is
> within you.')
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