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[Powderworks] NMOC: Australian Professional Sports

Tari, Vince fstariv1@NMHG.com
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 03:36:09 -0600

>Anna Offler wrote[
> Part of the problem is that AFL( Aussie rules) is not 
> traditionally the
> winter game in 2 large states New South Wales( Sydney) and
> Queensland(Brisbane). They follow Rugby League or as us AFL 
> fans say the
> game played by men with no brains and no neck.

Or as we rugby league fans call it, "the greatest game of all" :o) Kinda
ironic that Brisbane(QLD), a city heavily into rugby league, are the
premiers in the aerial ping pong, sorry, AFL competition which is dominated
by the southern states & WA. Similar thing happened in 1999 when Melbourne
won (stole) the rugby league premiership, even though they have since been
identified as salary cap cheats !!

Then there is Rugby Union, which has a southern hemisphere competition
between Sth Africa, Aust & NZ, with state & regional teams competing in
whats called the "Super 12s".
> I've decided that I want to follow the AFL
> this season and I clearly don't have any rooting
> interest in any team.  Does anyone outside of
> Melbourne and the few other teams care that much about
> it?  I'm just wondering.

Well if you want to keep it patriotic, follow the Sydney Swans because
they're from the Oils' home town. Us Sydneysiders follow the Swans when they
are winning, but we tend to be fair weather friends here so as soon as
things get tough, we jump ship, usually onto the rugby league or union.

Whatever you do, don't follow Collingwood because they are the most hated
AFL team in the country, unless you find that to be a postive feature.