Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC: Australian Professional Sports

[name removed] example@example.com
Sun, 16 Feb 2003 21:40:25 +1100

  I'm am so sorry for the other powderworkers who are misleading in saying 
that you should follow the AFL teams that have been suggested so far!
     Though to give you the good Oil it's the Richmond Tigers that is the 
team to support and Richmond is the team that beat the leagues most hated 
team (Collingwood) in the 1980 grand final by 81 points (so you have to love 
em for that!) and also the AFL's largest football television program 
features as it's title banner a picture of Richmond champion Jack (Captain 
Blood) Dyer, you get the idea from the name that this guy was tough! and 
another Richmond player from the past
Malcolm Brown almost single handedly punched out two whole football sides on 
two occasions (one of them being Essendon, the team
Peter Garrett supports!) so if you want real working class Melbourne grit in 
your footy then the Tigers are the one for you!.

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