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[Powderworks] The Brass

Andy Gillcrist andrewg@nwlink.com
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 14:25:12 -0700

I would love to get the straight story from the band on this one.

I know the "official" line is "no recording", but does that come
from the record company (ies) or from the band members themselves?
What are Peter, Rob, Jim, Martin, and Bones' feelings about it?

Here on Powderworks, I've heard it all over the map -- that they
are against it, that they don't mind -- but I have NOT heard that
they approve of it.  But recall David's experience with Bones:

>> Also got seen by Bones while doing my "recording level check"
>> after changing disks during Dreamworld.  He noticed my
>> distraction and walked to the edge of the stage and look over
>> the barrrier...I looked up to see him looking down on me...
>> *got me this time*...and just simply smiled and stepped back.
>> WOW!!!

So Bones, at least, apparently doesn't mind.  I have my own
ethical dilemma around participating in the creation and distri-
bution of these things, particularly if the band is flat-out
against it.  I mean, if you have any respect for the band and
their wishes, you wouldn't do it, right?  Yet many of us have
at least a few bootleg recordings of these guys, myself included,
because live Oils music is just too good to pass up.

It helps that nobody's making a dime off these discs -- all the
production and distribution is being done for free by fans who
love the music.  Once a show has taken place, the Oils won't see
any more revenue from it (unless some of the tracks make it onto
an official live release like Scream In Blue), so it's not like
we're taking money out of their pocket.  I, for one, would
instantly buy every one of those discs if they were available
commercially, especially since I already own all their albums.

The Oilman wrote:
> I would think their biggest complaint against bootlegs is
> those stupid European boots that people buy, Blue Sky Red
> Earth, Know Your Power, etc.

Yeah, being made with the intent to be sold makes those totally
different than the fan-produced not-for-profit ones, although
some of them are of outstanding quality -- Acoustic Nights, for

So anyway, I'd love to hear how the Boys weigh in with their
personal feelings about fan recordings.  Peter?  Jim, Martin,
Rob?  Bones?  How about it?


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> They do care and know of Davids recordings. Dont know why nothings
> happened??
> If caught similar thing applies, kicked out stuff taken etc.
> Man or Myth, I dont know.
> Justin
> > And part two: how come the Oils flip out at the sight of a camera but
> > don't mind systematical bootlegging of their shows?
> >
> > I feel I'm missing something here so anybody can enlighten me?
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> >
> > David Brass, man or myth?   :) (the title of his upcoming bio)
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