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[Powderworks] Tour ended...had to recover...

David A. Brass amt4all@yahoo.com
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 12:43:57 -0700 (PDT)

Hey all:

It too 3 days of rest to recover from those 3 weeks on tour...noticed the
post regarding my tour and activities...
How did I do it?  I use a Greyhound "Ameripass" to get to and between the
venues...they are availible for 15-60 days...the 30-day pass I just used
cost $499.  Prices are lower for Sept - May than for the summer months. 
The "West Coast CanAm Pass" cost me $324 for 21 days back in May.
I generally stay at hostels or split hotel costs with others to save
additional $.  
I do not have any real priorities to hold me down here in Arcata, the low
rent on my studio residence and the fact I work only a several days out of
the month gives me alot of free time, also don't have any pets, have not
maintained any relationships recently, etc.  A couple of months of advance
notice before the start of the tour also helps alot.
Using Greyhound is rather tiresome esp. in the US Midwest...will always
try for alternatives but, back on the May tour, I found Greyhound-Canada
to be far nicer than it's American counterpart and will use that service
on the next tour into Canada...and perhaps to cross continental N. America
if, necessary.
Midnight Oil's take on the recording issue remains uncertain to me as
well.  I know that Bones is quite aware of my recent activities, probably
PG and Rob also...all seem to recognize me lately.  However, I have been
informed (and deduced) that the soundboard is definately a place to avoid
as a taper...the same goes for a someone with a camera.  And while on the
subject of cameras...not using or disabling the flash is an absoulute
must.  I have seen security scanning the crowd hard to find the source of
that flash that they can't help but see.  Not to mention that, with the
subject(s) brighly lit already, the flash is simply redundant.  

I do intend to keep distribution of live recordings free (or close too)
which includes "liberation" of those previously mentioned bootleg albums
(Blue Sky-Red Earth, etc) so, that distribution also becomes free.
>From previous taping ventures with other acts...I have learned that unless
some major legal (or finacial) incidences occur...a taper gets harrased by
security, eq. destroyed or confinscated and word gets back to the
band...the taping issue is rarely addressed.  Unfortunately, almost all
resistance to live taping comes not from the band or road crew but, from
the holder of the act's current recording contract and Sony has always
been a very well known "bitch" on this...I know nothing about Liquid 8....

Will be starting those MD->CD-R transfers soon and will let everyone
know...have been reading the requests and planning the trees...
If Midnight Oil is to tour in November and, if this year is like last
year, most dates will be announced in late August/early September...about
2 months in advance...

Well...cleared most of the myths...back to being a man...

David A. Brass
(temp???)Arcata, California

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