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[Powderworks] Rob in the Rain & Other Oily experiences

Chris Nelson sporto219@worldnet.att.net
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 21:41:02 -0500

Hmm...  I remember writing about Rob in the rain, but I can't remember if I
posted that to the list or just to Nina.  Anyway, I can verify that the
account is true.  As we were waiting for doors to open, Rob walked down the
street thanking all of us waiting on line in the rain to get in.  Nice

Had a pleasant surprise waiting for me at work the other day.  I've been
trying to convince Peter to come speak at the Yale School of Forestry and
Environmental Studies, where I am currently finishing up a Masters program.
PG and I have exchanged a few pieces of correspondence, and unfortunately it
looks like the speaking appearance will not materialize due to lack of a New
Haven, CT concert (at least not while classes are in session).  Oh well...
Nonetheless, when I returned to my office from class the other day, there
was a message from Peter personally expressing his regret!  So while I am
kicking myself for not being there to take his call directly, I do have his
message saved on voice mail, which is kind of cool.  The phone call is just
another example of how much effort the band makes for its loyal fans.

Nina, any chance I'll see you and your hubby at the Paul Kelly show in
Boston on Saturday night?


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Somebody mentioned that they'd seen a Powderworks posting about Rob going
out in the rain to greet fans before the NYC Irving Plaza show; can that
person please direct me to that post?