Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Capricornia review in the Hartford Courant

Chris Nelson sporto219@worldnet.att.net
Thu, 4 Apr 2002 23:22:45 -0500

The following review appeared in the Hartford Courant on 4/4/02.  It doesn't
even sound like this guy even really listened to the CD or made an effort to
understand the meanings behind some of the songs.  Arghhhh... frustrating...

If anyone would like to provide Mr. Danton some feedback on his critique,
his e-mail address is:


Midnight Oil

Liquid 8 Records

With "Diesel and Dust," Midnight Oil struck a balance between catchy
pop-rock and political awareness. The album sold reasonably well and spawned
two singles, "Beds Are Burning" and "Deadheart."

But that was 15 years ago. Since the Australian band's 1987 breakthrough in
this country, eight subsequent albums have gone nowhere on the American
charts or, for that matter, in the American musical consciousness.

"Capricornia," the quintet's latest release, is destined for similar
obscurity. The fundamental flaw with the album is its tone. Midnight Oil's
political screeds have become increasingly humorless and shrill, and the
band's musical creativity is a nonentity throughout the dozen songs on

Lead vocalist Peter Garrett still sings passionately with a Down Under
twang, but the lyrics consistently lack the urgency of his voice.

The uptempo songs, like "Too Much Sunshine," aren't over quickly enough, and
the slower, ballad-style songs are strained. As a whole, "Capricornia" feels
like an album even the musicians didn't put their hearts into.