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[Powderworks] [...] moving the list

Rolf Greven rolf at xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 9 02:30:28 MST 2005

tfrommer at mindspring.com schreef op 07-01-2005 21:25:

> Re: moving the list. I'm not familiar with Google groups. I like
> Yahoo group because you can get individual messages, a daily digest
> or no messages and read all on-site. Also, their search is pretty
> good. If Google's set-up is similar, I'm all for it.

Google Groups is webclient for reading Usenet newspostings.

I prefer keeping the list as a mailinglist like we have right now. You
can browse the messages, turn on digest, temp. unsubscribe, browse the
archive, etc. Much better then just some 'webthingie'. Personal messages
go also via e-mail ;)