Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils Artifacts and moving the list

tfrommer at mindspring.com tfrommer at mindspring.com
Fri Jan 7 13:25:46 MST 2005

My two favorite artifacts aren't tangible: (1) the one and only time I met any of the Oils. That would have been Rob outside the Warfield in San Francisco on the *sniffle* final US tour. He invited me to watch soundcheck (very cool experience to be the only person in the audience of that old rag of a venue) and did get the lads to sign the pic I took at the Exxon gig in NYC back in '90. And (2) on my only trip to Oz, sitting in a cafe in Darwin having breakfast and hearing the Oils on cafe's stereo. *Then* I felt like I was really in Australia. 

Re: moving the list. I'm not familiar with Google groups. I like Yahoo group because you can get individual messages, a daily digest or no messages and read all on-site. Also, their search is pretty good. If Google's set-up is similar, I'm all for it.

--Tim F. in SF