Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Just to Start some chatter (LMOC)

Ben Radlinski benradlinski at emmapower.com
Fri May 28 05:29:02 MDT 2004

1) What recent releases (last 8 months or less) have you enjoyed.

The latest record from Iron & Wine - "Our Endless Numbered Days" is really
spectacular. Good acoustic stuff, a lot more personal than the Oils (ie -
mainly love songs to his wife). Sam Beam's voice is a comforting whisper,
and his compositions are magical. Sorry, I'm starting to sound like a rock
critic. Check out the song "Passing Afternoon" and you'll be hooked. The
perfect picture of a lazy summer day captured in song.

I just recently "downloaded" some of the Pixies reunion tour official
recordings. Some of them are pretty good (Minneapolis, Winnipeg), and you
can find them out there. It's great to hear some of those songs again. I'm
not sure if there are any Pixies fans on the list.

2) What would you like to hear Jim, Rob, Martin and Bones do?

Actually, I wouldn't mind hearing them do some Pixies tunes. Maybe "Wave of
Mutilation" or "Bone Machine." Might be interesting. "Harvest Moon" by Neil
Young. "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order. How about a "U.S. Forces (2004
Acoustic Vote W. Out of Office (again) Remix)"

I should really be at work.

I'm BenRad, new list member.