Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Just to Start some chatter (LMOC)

mbtigger mbtigger at charter.net
Thu May 27 21:00:08 MDT 2004

Well, something in me decided to give the lastet Indigo Girls release a
try. I have not been that happy with the last few IG albums. I Was
dissapointed with "Shaming of the Sun", the Last IG album I bought. I
heard the "C'mon now Social Album" and did not buy it, although I did
like a couple of the songs on it. I have heard almost nothing off the
"Become You" album so I cannot comment on it.

But this album has 5 or 6 really great songs, 2 or 3 more that are
enjoyable, and a couple I could live without. I even spent some time
today figuring out some chords that I can use to play "Perfect World".
However, I listened to the album today right after listen to some
acoustic Oils. And I could klind of Picture the Current "Remainer" Oils
covering the last song on the album "Rise Up"  - With Bones or Rob

Which led me to think of how great an album filled with acoustic songs
on the order of "Spirit of the Age", "Luritja way" would sound with
Bones and Rob singing.

SO - That leaves 2 Questions...
1) What recent releases (last 8 months or less) have you enjoyed.
2) What would you like to hear Jim, Rob, Martin and Bones do?

It would be wonderful if the boys would Synergistically leverage their
talents to improve music corporate shareholder value.