Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] NMOC - climbing the walls....

Maurice R. Kelly mkelly at deadheart.org.uk
Wed May 19 02:13:42 MDT 2004

On May 18, Rhonda wrote:

> Also a tech question....is there any way to extract the audio only from the 
> BOBW DVD, for instance if I wanted to pull mp3's from the Capitol Theatre 
> half?  Thanks muchly for any info.

Evaluate this program:

I used it to rip some audio from a DVD recently (although I was only
taking a 10 second sample so I didn't need to register it.) It seemed
quite good though. I'm sure there's other software out there, and probably
free stuff too, but I haven't checked yet. I think that there's a five
minute limit on ripping a chapter (i.e. you can rip the first 5 mins of
the chapter) in the evaluation version.)

Hope that helps.

Maurice R. Kelly
mkelly at deadheart.org.uk