Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: Oils ringtones again...tech issues

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 28 09:13:38 MDT 2004

Maurice R. Kelly wrote:

>> Not sure what you mean by a "Virtual PC" - is this a MacOS feature, 
>> or some 3rd-party software. It may be possible to utilise your USB 
>> ports while running a virtual PC, but chances are you won't know if 
>> it's possible till you try.
Hi Maurice,

Virtual PC for Mac is a third-party software program...used to be 
through Connectix, then Microsoft took it over (uh oh...).  See: 
Basically, it creates a kind of shell or partition and runs Windows 
programs behind that, through your Mac, and temporariliy makes it think 
it's a Windows machine.  The really great part is you can drag & drop 
files from the PC side to the Mac side or vice versa, or create a 
"shared drive" between them.  For the most part, I only use the PC side 
to play Mahjongg, but sometimes it comes in handy for other things.

I'm thinking it might work for this, but no way to find out until I get 
my hands on a USB data cable.  Also, from what I saw, only certain 
versions of Windows would work with the Nextel/Motorola i730 software, 
one of them was Windows 98 SE (Second Edition).  I know my Virtual PC 
program is running Win98, but have no idea what edition.  For Virtual 
PC, it could be a "lite" version and not a full edition....have no idea.

> Can't imagine there's anything that converts MP3 to MIDI - MIDI is a 
> representation of the actual notes and instruments and I imagine it's 
> quite a task to break down an MP3 to  notes and instruments.
> WAV on the other hand is easier. When you make MP3s it's generally a 
> two-stage process - you rip the CD to make a WAV file, which is then 
> converted to MP3. A lot of software hides this from the end user, but 
> you can get programs which allow you to get just the WAV file (e.g. 
> EAC on Windows, not sure about MacOS). If you already have the MP3s 
> (which I'm sure you do) then get yourself a copy of Audacity - 
> http://audacity.sourceforge.net/mac.php - It's a sound editor that can 
> read in MP3s, converts them to WAV, you perform your edits (cause you 
> don't want an entire song as a ringtone!), and then export it as a WAV 
> again. Instant WAV ringtone! Just remember, WAVs are an raw, 
> uncompressed) representation of the audio - they take a lot of space 
> and you probably won't be able to fit many on your phone (especially 
> if they're long). Best thing to do when making ringtones is get 
> yourself a nice little riff and use it - e.g. the intro to Power & The 
> Passion. Or the da-da-da from Beds would make a great alert 
> notificiation! :-)
Aha.  Thanks for the explanation!   Good idea to cut the song down to 
just a section...otherwise, if it were the Oils, I'd probably just sit 
there and listen to the phone ringing!  :-)  I probably then should look 
into that Audacity program to convert from mp3 to WAV, because at the 
moment I have everything already in the computer as mp3's, but no longer 
have a functioning CD drive in the computer to rip fresh stuff (that's a 
WHOLE other issue!!).

> This sort of thing varies from phone to phone. It might appear as a 
> drive. You might get a special piece of software that acts as a file 
> manager for the phone.

I hope it appears as a drive...I'm familiar with transferring stuff that 
way.  Guess there's no way to find out except for trying!

> maybe a PC-owning friend will help out :-)
I'd probably have to wait till my next trip Stateside in October, then 
temporarily take over my parents' computer....they have WinXP.  At least 
by then hopefully I could have everything in place - the cable, the 
edited files, etc. and then just use theirs for a quick file transfer.

> Hope it works out - personally I just love getting calls to the tune 
> of "Danger! High Voltage" ;-)
LOL!  Thanks again!