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VLMOC [Powderworks] reasons to go....

Patrick Collins patandmichelle at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 00:50:18 MDT 2004

Hi all,

OK.  Here's the deal.

A while ago I posted a happy message saying that if MO were ever to do a 
'last ever' tour of Oz then I had the go-ahead of 'er indoors to go.

Well, with the prospects of that particular event ever happening dwindling 
to infinitesimal proportions, I need some help.

You see, the wife isn't a great traveller, and I really want to come to Oz 
to visit.  So, what I'd like is for the antipodean contingent and those 
who've visited to come up with 10 reasons to spend some time there.  I can 
then try to convince Michelle that it's worth putting us and the kiddies on 
a 24 hour flight.



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