Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Re: Oils ringtones again...tech issues

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Tue Jul 27 21:16:40 MDT 2004

Thanks to all who replied...have been doing some more looking into it 
tonight, from the looks of it apparently the Motorola/Nextel i730 can do 
midi or .wav files...thought I saw something on another site that after 
some kind of software update that they can now do mp3 as well, but so no 
reference to that anywhere else.

Looks like I need a USB cable to connect the phone to the computer, and 
driver software that is Windows only....and I'm on a Mac.  Question #1 - 
anyone know if I can get around that by using Virtual PC?   Question #2 
- if I can get a cable & get the thing connected, and *if* I can sneak 
around the driver requirements by using a Windows program through 
Virtual PC on my Mac (that's too many "if's"...), is there 
Mac-compatible conversion software that I could use to turn, for 
instance, any Oils mp3 into a MIDI or .WAV ringtone?  How do I then load 
it into the phone - when the data cable is plugged in, does the phone 
appear as another drive on the computer that I would just drag & drop 
the sound files onto?  

Sorry for all the dumb newbie questions, I'm feeling very 
technologically challenged right now.  Very experienced with Mac OS9, 
but an absolute neophyte with messing with the innards of cellphones.

Thanks again for any help,