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[Powderworks] Re: Oils ringtones again...help needed

Maurice R. Kelly mkelly at deadheart.org.uk
Tue Jul 27 02:09:06 MDT 2004

Miron Mizrahi wrote:

> not sure how new your model is but most new ones will now support
> wav and mp3 and usually the way to upload them to your phone is
> either through an sms msg or through a pc based program that
> connects to your phone and is most often used to sync your
> contact/calendar with your pc based program you use (typically email)

 From a brief search on Google it doesn't look like the i730 supports 
MP3 ringtones. It doesn't support MP3 playback either. Dunno about WAV. 
Shame - the ability to play MP3s as ringtones is fantastic.

I definitely wouldn't want to be trying to upload an MP3 ringtone using 
a series of SMS messages :-)

Maurice R. Kelly
mkelly at deadheart.org.uk