Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Oils ringtones again...help needed

Rhonda kayak at sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 26 09:52:37 MDT 2004

Hi all,

Sooooo.....(I've got the blues).... is everybody off on vacation, or is 
the list dying off?  Is there no more news / tidbits / gossip / rumours 
about Pete's latest political ALP run, nothing about what the other guys 
have been up to in recent days?

Going back to the Oils ringtones discussions of past months, I have a 
question.  Just got a new cellphone handed down to me after my old one 
started crapping out.  This one is a Nextel i730 made by Motorola, the 
kind that can also be used as a two-way radio as well as a regular 
cellphone.  I've checked Nextel's website bank of downloadable 
ringtones, and naturally there are no Oils tunes to be found.  In 
addition, it appears from the guidebook that I can't program my own.  

Anybody know the technicalities of this, and if there's any way to get 
some Oily rings into my phone?  Is there a universal sound file format 
that cellphones use (like mp3) so I'm not limited to what Nextel offers?

Thanks for any help, hope everybody's summer is going great!