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[Powderworks] NMOC: end of suburbia

eel bonjack scissormansnip at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 25 07:45:38 MDT 2004

hey y'all,
just felt like calling this DVD/site to your attention:
since WWII much of North America has invested in a lifestyle that, simply put, is not sustainable. between 2005-2010 we're going to slope off our peak of oil production, and we won't have a choice but to adapt to the change. No alternative energy, nuclear, hydrogen, or anything else can really have the same kind of output and can even cost more to make into a fuel than it does to produce energy. 
the big blackout that happened last summer should have been a big wake up call about this, but (surprise surprise) our media and governement has swept it all under the rug. I can't say I honestly have a solution to this, but regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, I think its worth a look. 

It all sounds rather naive and sentimental to be talking about children laughing and dancing and singing together when we all know perfectly well that what children do in real life is snarl and take drugs.
-Douglas Adams
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