Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Bones Interview in the NZ Herald

Midnight Lurker drivexby at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 13 20:52:18 MDT 2004

Interesting that he and Pete have not had much contact for so long. I wonder 
if they others stay in touch or whether they've all gone their separate 

>Q. Peter Garrett is standing for parliament. You know the man and his 
>politics. Would you vote for him?
>A. Yeah, but I dunno about the Labor Party in Australia. That was a bit of 
>a shock. I actually thought he would appear doing something for the Greens, 
>but I haven't had much contact with him in the past two years. A few 
>business emails and that's about it. I find it intriguing in one comment he 
>said he'd mellowed with age on a couple of his stands. I guess if anyone 
>joins a major party as a back-bencher then they have to adhere to party 
>policies. But we'll see in years to come. I guess he'll make a play and 
>knock everyone else out.

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