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[Powderworks] My son has the earworm..

Beth Curran bcurran at columbus.rr.com
Sun Jan 4 15:36:21 MST 2004

My little one used to belt out "Short Mem-o-weeee, muss have uh" with no
warning at all.
So far as I was concerned, having my twerps start singing Oils bits was
infinitely preferable to what they were singing previously, which was a
bunch of depressing death-or-glory Scottish folk songs their father
taught them as mere infants.  Having "the wich get wicher" replace
"Welcome to your goh-wee [gory] bed" was a big plus so far as I was
concerned - Beth
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The first thing my son has learned to sing with any real accuracy is the
intro to "The Dead Heart" (He turned 2 in September). Now he frequently
runs around the house house going  "Do Do Do Do Do Do Do".
Now I wonder what he is going to learn for an encore...
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