Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] My son has the earworm..

Greg Henderson vorrox at maxis.net.my
Sat Jan 3 22:26:56 MST 2004

My niece has had a similar affliction for the past year. At the age of 4
she discovered "Dreamworld". Ever since hearing it she wants to have it
played over and over and over again while she runs around singing and
doing a little dance. For some reason she's decided that the song is not
called "Dreamworld". It's "The Country Falled Over".

> Michael wrote:
> The first thing my son has learned to sing with any real accuracy is
> the intro to "The Dead Heart" (He turned 2 in September). Now he
> frequently runs around the house house going  "Do Do Do Do Do Do Do".

That's cool :) I remember recording those backing vocals back in March
of '86. What a treat for an Oils fan.

> Now I wonder what he is going to learn for an encore...
> Michael