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[Powderworks] I like it

Sebastian Balcombe sbalcombe at agelessfoundation.com
Sat Feb 21 16:40:51 MST 2004

Glad you got a laugh from my post Kate!

But seriously, I may just have to break out the glow sticks and drop a few
tabs of E...LOL

But yeah, your right, I think it's a good thing too, and maybe it just
Might just draw some new younger fans to the oils, which is never a bad

I was thinking, there are sooooo many oil songs that could be turned into
great techno songs, I think the long road train mix, and the My country
..leap of logic mix are good examples of successful crossovers.

Also I would love to hear tasteful techno (yes it does exist) versions of
forgotten years, P&P, Read about it, Dead heart, Dreamworld, progress, just
to name a few.

What do you guys think, have I gone to far in suggestion classic oil tunes
getting a electronic makeover???
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  Come on guys!  Shocking as it is, this just might help keep Pete in hiking
trails and public appearances, Rob in thrift shop drums, Jim and Martin in
tubes for some ancient funky tube amps, and Bones in bottles of wine for the
ladies for sometime to come.

  And hey, who knows? When that tab of E wears off and the binky (paci,
dummy, sucker) is put away for the morning, some junior raver might just go
hunting for the original material.  Can't be all that bad.


   At 11:55 AM 2/21/04 -0800, Sebastian Balcombe wrote:

    I have to admit, It was shocking to hear the classic in that techno
    but reading all your guys hilarious comments, I was expecting much

    Plus the amount of money the oils are probably getting from the
    could fund future oil DVD's/CD's  or whatever

    I'm all for it

    I seriously might buy it

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