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[Powderworks] I like it and sacred cows

Bruce Robertson the_oil_fish at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 21 17:17:51 MST 2004

Hey Workers of the World,

Sure, why not? I can't help thinking the Oils would be amused at the thought of us P'workers elevating their tunes to sacred cow status...

Can't any song with a catchy hook be morphed/slaughtered into a techno-piece? So how about 'Luritja Way?' The lyrical content would make it hideously ironic...a real post-modern classic.

I'm still wishing some Bob Marley clone would do a slow Jamaican groove on 'Put Down That Weapon'...mmmm....jerk goanna...

Not to be too brassy, but did any of us imagine that the bass line and hook in Beds were somehow born ex nihilo? It was the Oil's biggest commercial hit because it was catchy and VERY familiar. My kids still love it because of the groove. When the proverbial penny drops and the lyrical light goes on later in the mind of a teenager young enough to belong to a bandmember, then that's the peculiar magic and genius of what the Oils have done.

I sincerely hope the Oils are laughing all the way to the bank on this one, like I was until I started to think about the word 'bank'...shite!

bruce in calgary

Sebastian Balcombe <sbalcombe at agelessfoundation.com> wrote:

What do you guys think, have I gone to far in suggestion classic oil tunes getting a electronic makeover???

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