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Yasmin Dalati yasmindalati at web.de
Sat Feb 21 09:18:10 MST 2004

i'll give you a quick translation of the second review since the first one isn't too funny and the author claims that novascape had some good songs in the past. listening to their latest "hit", i doubt that.

"those 'products' show the whole dilemma of the music business in 2004: take an old 80s hit, mix it with some boring standard beats from the 'sampling can', mediocre singing(?), and a nice-to-look-at dancing chick for a medium chart success - done, earned another thousand euros!
that's just enough to get the money of some 15-year-olds. but you people at the record labels don't really wonder, 'why' you are selling less records?

considering this crappy piece of music, i have to agree with another reviewer: you don't even understand when songs with a statement are raped. that's not just boring, it is also completely tasteless. poor times!"

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