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Any mention of NTSC or PAL or region coding?

--- Tribe Goddard <daznsam at webone.com.au> wrote:
> G'day all,
> I just grabbed the below from Undercover News.
> Rejoice!!
> The classic Midnight Oil concert from Sydney's Goat
> Island will soon be
> released on DVD.
> Midnight Oil performed the secret show in Sydney
> Harbour on January 13,
> 1985. Winners from a Triple J contest made up the
> audience. "Fans were not
> told where they were going" The Oil's Rob Hirst
> tells Undercover News. "They
> were put on a boat and ended up on Goat Island and
> we were the act. It just
> happened to be one of those magic Sydney nights".
> ABC television screened an edited version of the
> performance in 1985 showing
> the Oils in all their glory playing to the backdrop
> of a sunset against
> Sydney's skyline. It became quite a collector's item
> for home tapers. "I
> think a lot of people took it off the TV then but
> this is going to sound
> great" Rob says. "Keith Walker who produced the
> first album is back on board
> along with Jim Moginie mastering it. It will include
> songs that we didn't
> actually include in that special all those years
> ago".
> The DVD will also feature another classic
> performance; The Oils live from
> Sydney's Capitol Theatre from 1982. "The DVD will
> have the full collection
> of songs that we played at the Capitol Theatre in
> 1982" Rob says. "I think
> we did five shows in a row and Dave Bradbury was the
> cinematographer who
> captured it. We looked at it recently and it was
> very strong".
> It's now been a year since Midnight Oil official
> broke-up but the business
> of being Midnight Oil continues. "We've got together
> a couple of times since
> Pete left. It's fine" he says. "There is obviously a
> bit of business to
> finalise considering the band was around for 20
> years".
> The business of Midnight Oil is very much focused on
> licensing requests
> these days. "We get a lot of requests to licence
> bits and pieces of music
> and I think it's very important for Midnight Oil to
> make sure that however
> the music is used, it is used in a way the band
> members think is appropriate
> rather than jumping at every lucrative opportunity
> that is put in front of
> us" he says. "I was reading an article from Robbie
> Krieger from The Doors
> who are constantly asked for music for film or
> flogging stuff. Their
> attitude is likes ours and Neil Young and Tom Waits
> and Bruce Springsteen
> and John Fogerty. We still believe in that old
> fashioned credibility thing".
> Midnight Oil 'Best of Both Worlds: Oils on the
> Water/Saturday Night at the
> Capitol' will be released by ABC DVD on April 5.
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