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[Powderworks] Breaking News - It's now official

Tribe Goddard daznsam at webone.com.au
Thu Feb 19 02:43:49 MST 2004

G'day all,

I just grabbed the below from Undercover News.


The classic Midnight Oil concert from Sydney's Goat Island will soon be
released on DVD.

Midnight Oil performed the secret show in Sydney Harbour on January 13,
1985. Winners from a Triple J contest made up the audience. "Fans were not
told where they were going" The Oil's Rob Hirst tells Undercover News. "They
were put on a boat and ended up on Goat Island and we were the act. It just
happened to be one of those magic Sydney nights".

ABC television screened an edited version of the performance in 1985 showing
the Oils in all their glory playing to the backdrop of a sunset against
Sydney's skyline. It became quite a collector's item for home tapers. "I
think a lot of people took it off the TV then but this is going to sound
great" Rob says. "Keith Walker who produced the first album is back on board
along with Jim Moginie mastering it. It will include songs that we didn't
actually include in that special all those years ago".

The DVD will also feature another classic performance; The Oils live from
Sydney's Capitol Theatre from 1982. "The DVD will have the full collection
of songs that we played at the Capitol Theatre in 1982" Rob says. "I think
we did five shows in a row and Dave Bradbury was the cinematographer who
captured it. We looked at it recently and it was very strong".

It's now been a year since Midnight Oil official broke-up but the business
of being Midnight Oil continues. "We've got together a couple of times since
Pete left. It's fine" he says. "There is obviously a bit of business to
finalise considering the band was around for 20 years".

The business of Midnight Oil is very much focused on licensing requests
these days. "We get a lot of requests to licence bits and pieces of music
and I think it's very important for Midnight Oil to make sure that however
the music is used, it is used in a way the band members think is appropriate
rather than jumping at every lucrative opportunity that is put in front of
us" he says. "I was reading an article from Robbie Krieger from The Doors
who are constantly asked for music for film or flogging stuff. Their
attitude is likes ours and Neil Young and Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen
and John Fogerty. We still believe in that old fashioned credibility thing".

Midnight Oil 'Best of Both Worlds: Oils on the Water/Saturday Night at the
Capitol' will be released by ABC DVD on April 5.