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Richard Thompson thompsonrichard at optusnet.com.au
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The Kelly Gang also did a show at The Empire Hotel in Annandale on friday night and I went along. Rob was absent due to family commitments (The drummer from the ghosties stepped in) but Martin was present and in fine form. They were / are to do one more show after that one but I'm not sure when or where. They are an awesome band with all that talent on one stage and Martin's guitar playing really stood out. He even used an e-bow on a couple of songs and a metal slide on several more and just to rub it into everyone who wasn't there - there was maybe only about 30 people in the audience. I purchased their CD after the show -sold to me by the Oils stage manager Craig - it's titled "Looking for the Sun" and after playing it several times I would highly recommend it. The Credits list the band as Rob Hirst, Rick Grossman, Scotty Aplin and Jack Nolan (I'll get back to him in one moment) with additional guitars by Martin and also Brad Shepherd of the Guru's. 3 of the songs are written by Rick with all the others being credited to Jack Nolan although he gave a great deal of credit to Scott Aplin on Keyboards on the night. This guy is a great talent and I can't beleive that I haven't seen him in any other band or that I did not recognise him. If any one can shed some more light on him I'd be interested to know his background.
In summary - get along and see these guys if you can and if you can't - get their album - released on GAP Records.
I am going to see Hirst & Green tomorrow night so will try and let everybody know what that show is like as well.

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  I always thought it was Jim & Bones singing that hippy-esque stuff at the start of ESM, wouldn't have a clue what they're saying though.

  Got some other news.

  Saw an ad in the Sydney Drum Media for a gig by The Kelly Gang. This is Guru/Ghostie Rick Grossman's new band, and it apparently includes Rob & Martin. They played at the Vic on the Park last Wednesday. Did anyone catch them ? Be interesting to hear a review.

  Also keen to hear if anyone saw Rob & Paul Greene playing anywhere.

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    I've never been able to decode those few lines that Jim (well, I think it's Jim, anyway) sings at the beginning of E&S&M - has anybody got a translation?


    You know, I was really hoping to hear by now that the guys would be back in the studio, so if anybody has any news or even plain old gossip, pass it on!  - Beth


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