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[Powderworks] Intro to E&S&M

Tari, Vince Vince.Tari at nmhg.com
Sat Feb 14 07:46:12 MST 2004

I always thought it was Jim & Bones singing that hippy-esque stuff at the
start of ESM, wouldn't have a clue what they're saying though.
Got some other news.
Saw an ad in the Sydney Drum Media for a gig by The Kelly Gang. This is
Guru/Ghostie Rick Grossman's new band, and it apparently includes Rob &
Martin. They played at the Vic on the Park last Wednesday. Did anyone catch
them ? Be interesting to hear a review.
Also keen to hear if anyone saw Rob & Paul Greene playing anywhere.
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I've never been able to decode those few lines that Jim (well, I think it's
Jim, anyway) sings at the beginning of E&S&M - has anybody got a
You know, I was really hoping to hear by now that the guys would be back in
the studio, so if anybody has any news or even plain old gossip, pass it on!
- Beth
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