Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Hi :)

LORD NITRAM dark_jedi_north at yahoo.ca
Tue Apr 27 13:23:15 MDT 2004

Hi, I'm new to the lists, but not to Midnight Oil ;)
I've been a fan since  1992 and latelly I've been traying to gather all their backcatalogue on cd.
I'm still waiting for my copy of "best of both worlds" that ordered from amazon, maybe takes more time..... it must be an amazing dvd-cd :O
oh and someone knows from where are the 3 live videos that are included on the capricornia cd?
Forgotten years & 2 other songs.......looks like some tv program inside a church or museum.
see u around and have a nice day! :D


Un objeto inamovible se enfrenta a una fuerza inparable....quien ganara?

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