Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] underrated songs

tfrommer at mindspring.com tfrommer at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 27 16:51:00 MDT 2004

Hmmmm, not sure how to define "underrated." If a song wasn't performed often live does that mean it's underrated since the band "disowned" it? Other than the singles, what songs could get rated, and by whom? 

I guess I'll define it by songs that I forgot about until hearing them again. This has happened to me of late since I recently bought a portable MP3 player and made an Oils playlist. BTW, how much fun has *this* been to go running to! So, off the top of my head are "Seeing Is Believing" and "Bring on the Change." I generally second the emotion of the person who mentioned the entire "Breathe" album though, aforementioned track notwithstanding, I still haven't warmed to "Redneck Wonderland" much. 

That said, too much praise can never be heaped on "Tone Poem," "Warakurna," "One Country" and the entirety of ESM.