Midnight Oil

[Powderworks] Best of both worlds DVD

Phil L. fil at arach.net.au
Tue Apr 27 05:06:16 MDT 2004

Poudouvrier wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> I finally get my copy of the new Oils DVD (thank you Grant).

Mine arrived today... (thank you ABC :-) )

who woulda thought.. 11 people at an Oils gig :-)

anyway.. havent had time to fire it up yet... might take it up to a 
mates place about 80km's out of perth and fire it up in his shed.. on 
the big speakers, with the projector... one of the best things about 
that place, is the neighbours never complain :-)

Phil L.
fil at HighOctanePhotos.com   	<http://www.HighOctanePhotos.com>

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