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[Powderworks] oilslive cds jump?

Tim timjunk at tpg.com.au
Fri Apr 23 06:21:46 MDT 2004

Hi all,

sorry for a late response to the thread, "have I been away too long".

Here is how I burnt the CDs for both Rob and everyone else.

I downloaded the files direct from Miron, I then used the little program to
extract the compressed files. Next I used Ahead Nero to burn the CDs, I did
this using the following settings: Burn speed set to <24X, Disk at Once -
of this I am positive. I did not realise that the tracks were ment to be
heard as one continuous track as such I did not remove the 1 second delay
that is a default setting.

I apolopise to all down streamers for this stuff up. If anyone wants to
trust me with their CDs again I will happily re-do them.



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> > Of course, this is just my opinion, and is not necessarily
> > correct.
> > I'd say the best person to respond on this would be Miron - you
> >there Miron?
> I am. sorry for the late reply but I had to spend the weekend
> satisfying my midlife crisis - buying clothes for my wife
> it does sound like the cd(s) in questions is tao. note that when I
> did the seed distribution it was done using ftp download of
> individual tracks so it must have been someone down the line.
> I have tried searching the net on a fullproof way to convert but did
> not come up with anything useful. so for the sake of expediency what
> I suggest is
> 1. double check with your source that the cd was indeed tao
> 2. get EAC from www.exactaudiocopy.de
> 3. after you install it and run it, it will take you thru a short
> wizard. select to have secure copies.
> 4. when done select from the menu EAC -> EAC options
> 5. in the Extraction tab, select the "delete leading and trailing
> silence" option
> 6. extract to wav and reburn the cd in dao.
> if this works repeat for all cds. if not, the only thing I can think
> of is to extract to wav using EAC and then manually delete the gaps
> using a wav editor. EAC has one built in. I personally use
> soundforge.
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