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[Powderworks] oilslive cds jump?

Miron Mizrahi mironmizrahi at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 18 03:14:12 MDT 2004

> Of course, this is just my opinion, and is not necessarily 
> correct. 
> I'd say the best person to respond on this would be Miron - you 
>there Miron?

I am. sorry for the late reply but I had to spend the weekend
satisfying my midlife crisis - buying clothes for my wife

it does sound like the cd(s) in questions is tao. note that when I
did the seed distribution it was done using ftp download of
individual tracks so it must have been someone down the line.

I have tried searching the net on a fullproof way to convert but did
not come up with anything useful. so for the sake of expediency what
I suggest is

1. double check with your source that the cd was indeed tao
2. get EAC from www.exactaudiocopy.de
3. after you install it and run it, it will take you thru a short
wizard. select to have secure copies.
4. when done select from the menu EAC -> EAC options
5. in the Extraction tab, select the "delete leading and trailing
silence" option
6. extract to wav and reburn the cd in dao. 

if this works repeat for all cds. if not, the only thing I can think
of is to extract to wav using EAC and then manually delete the gaps
using a wav editor. EAC has one built in. I personally use


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